Week B4: Sketching in the Garden



My background in drawing has always been progressing but a side hobby I find myself investing a lot of time when given an opportunity. Capturing the outside world through a point and shoot phone camera has been a tool for me relive memories thus being an enjoyable process I can find useful. As both can be an outlet for me to express my visions I can’t argue that one is better than the other, but deeply depends on my mood and time of day. My outlook on the outside environment may affect the tones and angles of the photos I capture. As well as the type of shading and lining I can draw on my sketchbook. Both are forms of artistic abilities that I assure I am capturing the right feeling/mood I want to represent to my audience. In contrast, I photography can be more time efficient while drawing can expand thoughts and forms that are limitless.


Through my representation and abstraction portion it most definitely required effort that forced me to keep looking outward to the open for more ideas. Photography representation was a simple point and snap into the scenery while Photography abstraction led to a more ambiguous image that can flow ideas endlessly to serve a deeper thought process. Same went with drawing representational and abstraction that required mixing elements of the open but drawing abstraction felt more open ended since my own experiences and ability to draw gave my own taste to it. I can conclude that abstract photography made me riskier person to go out position myself from all levels my vision allowed me to figuring how I can manipulate this object from different angles. I definitively appreciated drawing abstract more than representational due to getting out my comfort zone and having a train of thoughts till I could reach a certain structure I was pleased with.

Week B2: Design Thinking

1. The thing you currently think you’ll be doing with your life:

My first option in a future is being practical and setting out to become a Physical Therapist. Ever since I had an interest in sports and went through an unfortunate event of tearing my ACL on my left knee. I’ve been intrigued by the process of rehabilitation and aiding others to becoming their best version of themselves. In order to achieve this life I would apply to CSULB and major in Kinesiology emphasizes in Exercise Science. I will have to maintain a high GPA as well as get involved in local medical centers such as interning for a physical therapist. Surrounding myself with likeminded individuals will push me to pursue my career and assist others with their physical limitations due to an injury. After applying to a grad program and completing it, I will have to apply for the job and begin my career. This is where my knowledge and experiences will be put into action and spend a life of giving to others. Lastly, I will accumulate my wealth and live in a decent home with my family.

Rapid Prototyping:

Interview: In order to be a Physical therapist, I interview my previous Therapist through email. He coincidently had also completed his education for Physical Therapist at CSULB. He knew the curriculum has changed over the years but still required foundational skills on what works and what doesn’t in the field. He went onto mention the amount you need to dedicate to knowing every aspect of the human body and functional movement patterns to understand your patients. He also discussed the writings and reports you do for every patient to be prepared to analyze and document the process of my patients. Lastly, he recommended to getting involved by interning with him to get a grasp of the environment.


2. The thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow:

If my first goal had disappeared, I would like to become a YouTube Fitness Influencer. I have been intrigued into the life of fitness as healthy is something I highly value. Through YouTube I notice it can be an excellent platform to deliver content on a certain topic across millions of viewers. I will have to know how to handle editing videos and camera equipment like a DSLR camera. By starting my YouTube channel, I can post content relating to fitness as well as document my personal fitness journey to inspire others. By using my prior knowledge, I can strive become creative and present myself in a positive manner. Slowly over time I will gain recognition and build a solid community to give to. Through years of being myself and helping others I will become an influencer to the fitness community. This will open more opportunities for me to collaborate with new creators surrounding fitness/health. Eventually, I will be earning enough revenue and be able to travel around the world more and live an open life.

Rapid Prototyping:

Practice: To become a YouTube Fitness Influencer, I went around my friend who likes to vlog casually his music experiences and adventures around Southern California. We went on a full vlogging day and gave me key points to an effective shooting with the camera angle. He also let me practice with his editing software and get a feel on the equipment. Overall, it surely felt like I was getting the hand of it but now needed to implement my own content.


3. The thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh, go ahead, what would it be?

If I had all the money in the world I would love to become a Streetwear Reseller. I’ve had an interest in streetwear clothing as it’s an outlet to express myself but also has a high market value to live off on. The main way reselling functions is buying clothing and reselling for a higher cost. The key rule is being resourceful and doing research on local forums and social media post to know what items of clothing has the most “hype”. After, you’ll have to spend your own money and purchase the item before it sells out. Although, some items can be a hit and miss and are I’ll have to make a judgment based on the surrounding “hype” on it. Once I acquire the item I can post a sell on a website or my own social media account and having offers sent to me. This is a continuous work of art that requires a ton of time and hustle. However, in the process you meet a ton of big name designers and grow a community you feel a part of. Eventually, I can make a living with a substantial annual income and begin buying a home. I will then start my own family and live with peace and happiness.

Rapid Prototyping:

Practice: Being a Streetwear Reseller I can start on a small scale and be part of side hobby for me. Luckily, my cousin has been in the community of reselling and knows the gest of it better than I do. So, I spent the day learning how he handles his interactions with customers and how he goes around social media to hunt for new items popular at the time. I learned it was time consuming being on your phone and driving to variety of location to find that stack of clothing pieces to make a profit off of. However, it’s about networking and sticking through the difficult moments like him that get you to have access to more clothing so your net-worth can grow.


Wk B1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Unfortunately from bad time management and adding too much water to the plaster, the casting was not able to dry. I had already used up all my materials and I wasn’t able to make it to the beach due to scheduling conflicts. Through a serious of unfortunate event it was still a unique experience having to measure and get physical with art to create a masterpiece. My time invested in mixing the plaster and molding my hand into the sand brought new memories to look back on with my sister helping me although I wasn’t able to reach my end goal of my casting.

This was my first time creating a piece from sand to mold a cast using plaster. Having a task to mix and use two different types of materials built handling skills to recreate imprints of objects by molding a cast that leaves an impression forever. The plaster helped captured small details to represent the object behind the mold to similar to dentist taking impressions of teeth to map out the frame of the mouth to help perform dental work.

I believe a way to apple this project to other activities in life is by having a vision to recapture objects and showcase them for later usage like in scientist or dental work. Having to replicate an object allows for greater inspection and mobility to transfer ideas to others.

Next time I would consider molding an old object like a toy or vintage item that be duplicated serving as a display for others to view and discuss. As well as being careful with my measurements so that’ll it reach its end result.

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