Week B4: Sketching in the Garden



My background in drawing has always been progressing but a side hobby I find myself investing a lot of time when given an opportunity. Capturing the outside world through a point and shoot phone camera has been a tool for me relive memories thus being an enjoyable process I can find useful. As both can be an outlet for me to express my visions I can’t argue that one is better than the other, but deeply depends on my mood and time of day. My outlook on the outside environment may affect the tones and angles of the photos I capture. As well as the type of shading and lining I can draw on my sketchbook. Both are forms of artistic abilities that I assure I am capturing the right feeling/mood I want to represent to my audience. In contrast, I photography can be more time efficient while drawing can expand thoughts and forms that are limitless.


Through my representation and abstraction portion it most definitely required effort that forced me to keep looking outward to the open for more ideas. Photography representation was a simple point and snap into the scenery while Photography abstraction led to a more ambiguous image that can flow ideas endlessly to serve a deeper thought process. Same went with drawing representational and abstraction that required mixing elements of the open but drawing abstraction felt more open ended since my own experiences and ability to draw gave my own taste to it. I can conclude that abstract photography made me riskier person to go out position myself from all levels my vision allowed me to figuring how I can manipulate this object from different angles. I definitively appreciated drawing abstract more than representational due to getting out my comfort zone and having a train of thoughts till I could reach a certain structure I was pleased with.

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