Wk B1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Unfortunately from bad time management and adding too much water to the plaster, the casting was not able to dry. I had already used up all my materials and I wasn’t able to make it to the beach due to scheduling conflicts. Through a serious of unfortunate event it was still a unique experience having to measure and get physical with art to create a masterpiece. My time invested in mixing the plaster and molding my hand into the sand brought new memories to look back on with my sister helping me although I wasn’t able to reach my end goal of my casting.

This was my first time creating a piece from sand to mold a cast using plaster. Having a task to mix and use two different types of materials built handling skills to recreate imprints of objects by molding a cast that leaves an impression forever. The plaster helped captured small details to represent the object behind the mold to similar to dentist taking impressions of teeth to map out the frame of the mouth to help perform dental work.

I believe a way to apple this project to other activities in life is by having a vision to recapture objects and showcase them for later usage like in scientist or dental work. Having to replicate an object allows for greater inspection and mobility to transfer ideas to others.

Next time I would consider molding an old object like a toy or vintage item that be duplicated serving as a display for others to view and discuss. As well as being careful with my measurements so that’ll it reach its end result.

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