Wk B8: Vlogging – Emilio Guzman

What you were going for in your video:

Being my first time vlogging I was aiming for a direct point of who I am and what my interests are. I try to maintain a simple set up with the focus on me with a normal background. I had set up to deliver an intro, some casual content about what I do and an outro. I felt getting to the point made  for an easier delivery about my message. Overall, the goal was to set myself up for a general audience and have a quick glimpse into my world.

Did you accomplish it?

I felt I did a decent job displaying my goals and accomplishing the task of introducing my world and couple aspects of my life. Getting in front of a camera can be uneasy at first but setting up a plan and bullet points that I wanted to mention got me on track to producing some worthy content.

What would you do differently next time?

Next time I want to interact more with the audience to feel more approachable and relatable. As well as moving around different environments to represent the main ideas I want to get across. Practicing will definitely improve my quality and help gather new ideas how to organize my videos.

Do you think you’ll ever vlog again?

I believe I will vlog again soon as it’s a new perspective on life to make a difference. Putting myself out there to feel uncomfortable will build deeper connections with others and myself hat I can get onboard with. I think creating a plan and investing time to it will produce results that will open endless opportunities.

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