Week B6: Environmental Portrait

What you were going for?

I was going for the person I am outside of school which involves getting out into different locations and taking in the moments of open air. The first photo was during my trip to New Zealand, I had taken a trip to visit my girlfriend but during the whole travel experience I became intrigued in finding a deeper connection with outside cities far from home. This year alone I’ve taken road trips to San Francisco and Rosarito, Mexico. Discovering different environment is a hobby I grew passionate about as going to the beach or to a music festival. Similar to the first photo, the second photo captures the type of conditions that keeps me motivated such as cold and crisp weather looking out into the beauty of nature to feel free once in a while. The rush of going up into the mountains and feeling snow pile up next to you is breathe taking and worth going out into nature.

How successful you think you were or were not?

I think for what was captured represented my vision well as well as how focus I am to keeping my joy for traveling a hobby for a lifetime. It genuinely feels during that moment the picture was taken I took time and effort to reach that spot in life to obtain my goals.

What you might do different next time?

For the next time during my new travel experiences I will represent myself with more aspects of different cultures and how I am able to interact with other people during those moments. I’d like to put myself more out there by fusing my worlds with others and taking risks to get out my comfort zone that dives more specifically into what I love about traveling.

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