C1 – Art & (My Life)

My first semester taking an art class I’ve found in my studies and artistic projects an impact on me that heavily influenced me to perceive in a more creative manner. All the SOA artists have introduced me to new types of art works such as sculpting and paintings a fascinating exhibition. Their usage of story-telling brought a deeper connection with their own art that I aspired to bring with mine. From our first project plaster casting all the way to our final last student choice I’ve learned how opening yourself to past and future experiences allowed for a sense in the direction of my ideas to represent what I find passionate about. I’m proud to have learned to stick with the process with each new project and gain the trust in me to keep going although I would run into mistakes. Ultimately, I aimed for my end results to reflect what I wish to showcase whether it was graffiti writing, sketching in the garden or creating a vlog.

My experience with art began in elementary school but have slowly regressed towards the end of my high school years until recently. I’ve taught myself to reimagine myself with art during my art course at the university. I’d say having time to paint and sketch isn’t something I do as much now than when I was a kid. Solely with art sketches and paintings I found my aesthetic point through many trial and errors with the usage of different tools to reach a pleasing piece through my own eyes, however, I found ways to develop spatial thinking in my classrooms and assignments ranging from psychology to statistics. My understanding of art has evolved as kid as now I view my academics and social life interactions a work of art. It all comes down to the mindset and what I’m observing that be meaningful in my own life through the different thought processes I dive into. I assure I authentic and displays expressions of joy, love and peace that are true to me that thrive from start to finish during any of my art filling experiences.

My direction of career choice I took in psychology I make tons of observations that expands through creativity to aid in my success. I believe having an optimistic outlook benefits me in discovering more research topics to uncover answers of unsolved issues such as mental disorders or human behaviors. I found with all my mid-level psychology classes they all have variety of applications that utilize statistics, and forms of observations on human behavior and physiological. Stepping out of a textbook and applying skills of clinical psychologist to my surroundings pushes me to unveil greater truths about humans themselves. Studying the natural world of humans takes patience just as art cannot be forced and magically appear of out of nowhere. My understanding of art lives fluidly with me now as I undergo variety of projects that began from scratch or by picking up new opportunities to observe new methods of knowledge that will carry onto my existing set of tools of creativity.

Overall, I am pleased with being part of an intro art course here in CSULB as it taught me to be comfortable with taking risks on how we express ourselves with art and intergrade aspects into our daily tasks. The choices we make to manage our times reflects how deeply we want to prosper and keep developing essentials skills to put into our portfolio that further us when graduating from the university.


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