WK B10 – One More – Graffiti

My first time doing the activity was exhausting and a tone of time having to move the spray can up and down and re-shaking it. It was certainly getting to know how the paint sprayed depending on the angle and depth holding the spray can. My weaknesses included being messy and having to do too many layers cause the paint was too much. However, my strengths including being able to draw my ideas as simple as my name and I enjoyed it enough to redo it a second time but a bit differently.

My goals for my 2nd attempt, not practicing as much either was to redraw my name in a different font. I was unsure what style to go for so I just went all in and saw as I went. I surely gave me excitement knowing I didn’t have to follow a certain style but was prone to a lot of trial and error. Lastly I almost finished 2 full cans but was worth the attempts till I got a right enough. The style was cut down but I was aiming for a more sharp look and less thickness.

I felt my 2nd attempt contained completely different angles but kept the same color scheme of blue, gray, and white. I felt it wasn’t my best work but I felt it was worth for my last project that reflected mostly how I enjoyed the process and kept determined that resulted in a final product I felt satisfied with.


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