Wk B9 – Finger-Painting



This was my first-time experiencing finger-painting probably since I was a little child. The whole set up was great having to select my pallet of three different colors then seamlessly moving my fingertips throughout blank space. It was harder than I expected since the paint wouldn’t smudge across fully and I would have to do bits by bits. It was a mess using all types of finger gestures that required a ton of effort on my part.

I feel the experience was surely frustrating since what was being painted on the paper wasn’t going smoothly but I learned to enjoy it which led to it being liberating. There was no boundaries of where it had to end and the depth of detail it had to contain just a continued motion of paint till the bigger picture began showing. Once I had a decent number of layers it began forming waves, streaks, fingertips and big puddles of paint.

However, it felt I was getting closer with my art than any other painting I’ve done since I literally was the brush and my sense of direction had no limits. I definitely would draw more finger-paintings with the thought of freely expressing my emotions deeper with types of touches and color tones.

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