Wk 7 – Graffiti Writing


It was my first time doing any sort of graffiti writing and off the bat it was certainly worth experiencing. I had bought three different color cans, white, teal, and gray. When doing my first sketches on paper I was going for some simple bubble letters and then outlining it after. I began with spraying the background grey so it wouldn’t be just plain old cardboard. I grabbed the white can and first tried spraying from a foot away and wasn’t as sharp. So, I got closer and it outlined better using the white spray can. At this point it smelled like a ton of paint so I grabbed a face mask. I then finished outlining the white and added some teal in between for some letter thickening. After, I went over the white outline again and made sure it was readable. I then tried seeing different spray techniques which I found how to do some short burst that gives a mist effects as well as  some drips. My finish art piece was decent enough or me, also I would reattempt it in the future to try to improve my skills.

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